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About ReScoped

Facing challenging projects can be trying and consuming.

Forever changing project requirements, scope movements and no clear definition can leave you open.

Combine this with tight timelines and a project can face many non-efficiencies, severe loss of profit and possible financial burden.

ReScoped is your simple, flexible, easy to use platform to manage the changes ahead and across projects.

  • Manage Clients

    Easily list all your clients and projects with the simple +/- interface

    Develop & send variations with supporting photos & documents direct from your smart phone or device

  • Track Variations

    All your variations listed and status shown

    Real time updates

  • Get Notified

    Set up your variation, Click save and automated notifications (cell & email) are generated to all parties

    Simple client/contractor interface to Accept, Reject or Request further information

Offers A Unique

to detail/capture, manage, monitor, accept & reject variation through a simple user interface.

  • Easy to use

    Allows a simple communication establishment between client & contractor with documented recognition using Time stamped smart phone & device notifications

  • Manage clients & Project

    From identifying a scope change through to final accept/reject, ReScope manages all.

  • Tracking variation request

    All your variations listed and status shown with realtime updates.

  • Get Notified

    Stay upto date with all your variations.

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